15+ Years Experience Coming Together:

2nd Edition of SBK Fest



19-22 JAN 2018

2018 Edition - The After Movie

SBK FEST - Official After Movie

SBK FEST - Official After Movie - January 2018! Salsa | Bachata | Kizomba | Coming together Beatles style at Liverpool's SBK Fest !!! Bookings open for SBK Fest 18/19/20 January 2019 (even Bigger/Bolder/Better Edition): Best Early Bird Rate + Free upgrade to MegaStarPass + £25 deposit only - available till 1st March only. Please share ?? www.sbkfest.com

Posted by Liverpool's SBK Fest on Wednesday, 14 February 2018

2017 Edition - The After Movie

LIVERPOOL'S SBK FEST Official After Movie

The OfficialAfter Movie of Liverpool's SBK Fest! Please like & share and Don't forget next years Second Edition 19-20-21 January 2018! We've already sold over 100 passes!! Secure your pass @the early b rate with just a small deposit ---> sbkfest.com #sbkfestliverpool #liverpoolssbkfest #salsa #salsacubana #cubansalsa #bachata #kizomba #semba #urbankiz

Posted by Liverpool's SBK Fest on Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The Perfect Package

*The best SBK line-up in the UK with the world's best Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba stars.

*70+ Hours of workshops (Salsa, Cuban, Bachata, Kizomba, Wellbeing) in 7 rooms - premium quality programme for each dance style.

*Up to 4 party rooms with partying till 5am: Salsa, Cuban, Bachata, Kizomba, Latino Mix

*Amazing venue, Liverpool city centre, all under 1 roof, only £105 for 3 nights B&B rate. 

Awesome Feedback - SBK Fest 2017 Edition

☆ 'An-Off The Scale Event' ! ★ 'Take a bow - 5 Star Event' ! 
☆ 'Thank you for bringing the dream alive again'! 
★ 'Totally pushed to our limits by fantastically talented teachers and performers' !
☆ 'Be proud of creating a superb event' !
★ 'It was beyond my expectation Fantastic w/e' ! 
☆ 'Workshops ran on time , loved that' !
★ ' Looking forward to 2018, can we you do it twice a year maybe' ? 
☆ 'I'm hearing so much praise and not a bad word to say, my pupils loved it' !
★ Thank you for a superb event, making lifelong memories' !